Leadership Team

The three members of our Leadership Team listed here are committed, on a full-time basis, to help you as you explore and develop your own business. They will personally coach and guide you along the way. Click here to contact one of our leaders.


Tony Shays founded Home Based Business Success Center to be the hub of information and support for anyone presently working in a home based business or planning to be involved in one in the near future, and are looking for a better quality of life.

Over the years, Tony has owned and operated 12 traditional small businesses, as well as having been successful in several different home based network marketing companies.

He has been a teacher, coach, and headmaster of a middle school. He has also owned summer camps for children, sporting goods stores, ski shops, toy and hobby stores, a wholesale business, real estate franchises, a photography business, a marketing/design company, and a business coaching and consulting practice.

All of this, coupled with his many years of success in the network marketing industry, has given Tony the experience and perspective to help others who want to achieve financial freedom.

Tony has been happily married to Betty, hiscollege sweetheart, for nearly 49 years, has three wonderful children and is blessed with six beautiful grandchildren.

He loves life, is an avid sportsman and has many interests and hobbies, but Tony feel most fulfilled when he is helping others.

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Mark Shays is a true entrepreneur. He has had success in traditional businesses, building companies from scratch, and selling them, and building large networks in multi-level marketing companies.

It was only natural for Mark to join Home Based Business Success Center, where he can share his expertise with others. He loves mentoring and coaching and feels most fulfilled when helping others to achieve success in finding financial freedom and peace of mind.

Mark is the father of three amazing children. He is an a world traveler, a music fanatic, and an adventurer, whose passion is to teach others how to do what they want without worrying about how to pay for it.

People are drawn to Mark because he is an optimist who sees the beauty and potential in everything and everyone. He cherishes sharing his secrets to success with you if you are committed to change and willing to work hard.

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Director of Social Media

It took quite some time to find just the right person to be our Director of Social Media. It wasn’t that there were too few people applying for this job; it was that few lived up to our high expectations.

Home Based Business Success Center needed someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced with social media, but is able to multi-task, is a good communicator, and enjoys coaching and helping others.

Well, we found what we were looking for in Alex DiVincenzo! Alex is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Before becoming an integral part of Home Based Business Success Center, Alex was working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them to improve their bottom line by upgrading their web presence and using social media more effectively.

During his free time, Alex enjoys music, writing, photography, and film making.

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