Affiliate Marketing Overview

There is tremendous opportunity in the affiliate marketing arena. In 2009 companies in the United States paid nearly $2 billion to affiliate marketers. Predictions are that this number will double as early as 2014.

You can be involved in this business on a spare-time or part-time basis and use it as another stream of income, or you can go all out and earn an unlimited amount of money.

So, just what is affiliate marketing? In its simplest form, it is promoting (marketing, advertising) a company’s product or service online and getting paid for doing it. For a more detailed description of affiliate marketing, click here.

The amount of commission varies by advertiser. It is paid as a percentage of the sale or on a flat fee basis.

Getting started can cost you virtually nothing. All that you need is a computer and an internet connection. For the full time affiliate marketer, having your own high traffic website will pay dividends.

Once you have established a business relationship with the advertiser, your job is to drive traffic directly to the advertiser’s site. From there, the advertiser does all the rest, including fulfilling the order, collecting the money, and paying you your commission.

What products or services you choose to promote is entirely up to you. However, at Home Based Business Success Center we caution you to promote only quality products and services.

It is your reputation that is on the line, so you want the end user to benefit from the product or service. This ensures that your credibility remains intact.

On our website you are introduced to a variety of companies that use affiliate marketing to promote their products or services. All were chosen because they are designed to help you build and run a prosperous home based business or to develop another stream of income for you.

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