17 Benefits of Multi-Level Marketing

by Tony Shays on March 15, 2012

Multi-Level Marketing Benefits

There is no question that a multi-level marketing business offers you the best opportunity to find financial freedom. Many top earners make more money than the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Obviously, the vast majority of people with an MLM company don’t make anywhere near this kind of money, but isn’t it great to know that the income you earn is up to you and not your “boss?”

It is also a business that is inexpensive to get into and doesn’t require much money to maintain. With most MLM companies, there is very little, if any, financial risk, if you do your due diligence before you sign on and then spend money only on a need-be basis.

There are many reasons that I are huge fans of the multi-level marketing business model. The following is a list of my top favorites (not in any specific order).

#1 You set your own hours, deciding when and for how long you want to work.

Most MLM companies were designed so that you can work them part-time and still earn serious money. This means that you don’t have to leave your “regular” job until your MLM income is sufficient to replace it (if you decide that you only want to work your MLM business, that is).

#2 You work wherever you want to work.

You don’t have to drive to an office. Your office is wherever you are.

#3 You have no boss telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

If you are a person who needs a boss, you can work with a mentor. But you are still in charge.

#4 You have no storefront nor any of the expenses that come with it.

You don’t have to worry about utilities, maintenance, insurance, and mortgage or lease payments. If you have been in retail before, you know how great it is not to be “married” to the four walls, waiting for people to come in so the day doesn’t drag and so your income is ongoing.

#5 You have no employees and, therefore, no employee headaches.

Believe me, babysitting adults and putting up with people with bad attitudes or poor work ethics is draining. And if this isn’t enough, think of the expense of having to pay wages, benefits, taxes, and the hassle of keeping up with all of the governmental regulations.

#6 You have no products of which to keep track and inventory.

You are not the warehouse. You don’t have to buy products at a discount and then sell them to your customers at a markup. The company takes care of everything related to processing the order. I realize that there are a few exceptions to not having to store products; but remember, this is my list of the 15 favorite things about MLM companies, and I won’t work with or recommend ones that requires to you to become a warehouse.

#7 It costs you very little to get started as an independent distributor with most MLM companies, and it also costs you very little to maintain your business.

Quite frankly, it is the least expensive business model available. If you really want to be shocked, compare the average MLM company, in which you get started for less than $500, to an average franchise, which costs you well over $100,000, with some costing more than $1,000,000. I personally know many people in the MLM industry who are earning more money than any franchise throws off. You choose.

#8 The company supplies you with a proven, successful marketing plan – a road map.

Everything is laid out for you. You don’t have to invent or create; you just need to follow. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” The company also makes available all of the necessary marketing materials. All you have to do is get them in people’s hands. This can be done in person, by mail, or online.

#9 You choose the people that you want to work with.

I personally don’t like being around negative people and have little respect for people who are couch potatoes and do nothing to improve their lives – so I choose not to be around them. On the other hand, the people who choose to be associated with an MLM company are generally a whole different breed. They want a better life and are willing to work for it. Being with self-motivated, energetic, optimistic, ambitious people is rewarding.

#10 You and your team will receive great ongoing training from most MLM companies.

Certainly from all the ones that I recommend. Not everyone on your team may have your experience and skill level or be as motivated as you are, so it is reassuring to know that the company has a way to keep everyone on the same page. I don’t know an industry that does a better job of training in all aspects of running a business.

#11 You are given an incredible, personalized website, which markets the company’s product and helps those interested in finding out what a distributor does to earn money.

Most MLM company websites also come complete with your own private “back office,” where you can easily monitor everything that is going on in your business. While there is usually a monthly fee for the website of $10-25, it is more than worth it, especially when you think that a sale can be made by simply having a potential client go to your website.

#12 You can truly earn unlimited income.

I know that to some people this sounds crazy, but it is a fact. Unlike most jobs, in the MLM industry you are paid what you are worth, not what a boss thinks he can get away with paying you. Some people prefer being an employee and having a job where they get paid for just showing up. Most entrepreneurs, on the other hand, prefer getting paid when they produce, and as long as they produce a lot, they can earn a lot of money.

#13 You have many tax advantages when you are distributor for an MLM company.

This saves you a lot of money, because you can deduct all of your business expenses before you figure out your tax liability. Most MLM companies will help you learn all of the legal aspects that will help your financial bottom line.

#14 With MLM companies, you have the ability to duplicate yourself.

Every time you sponsor someone as a distributor and teach them everything you have been taught, they become a clone of you. Thus, you have, in a sense, duplicated yourself. The reason this is important is that the people you bring into the business can make money for you even when you are sleeping or on vacation.

#15 You can earn residual income with most MLM companies.

This one thing alone makes it all worthwhile. To build a business that continues to pay you on a regular basis, whether you work the business or not, is powerful. I know people who have gone to the movies, and while they were in the theater, earned hundreds of dollars. I know people who have been on vacation and earned thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. I have even known people who have retired from their MLM business and are still earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing income each year.

#16 There is no other business model in the world that promotes personal development more than the multi-level marketing industry.

You are constantly encouraged to read books and listen to CDs that are geared toward helping you gain business skills, as well as become a more positive and productive citizen.

#17 You are surrounded by positive thinking people, who have dreams and goals and want to make something of their lives.

There is no room for negative thinking. As you build your business, you will also be building lifelong friendships.

Now you know why I love the multi-level marketing industry!

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This article was written by Tony Shays. Tony is the founder of Home Based Business Success Center. He is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated 12 traditional small businesses and has also found success in several different home based multi-level marketing companies. In addition to running the Success Center, he is also a business coach.

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