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Currently Seeking MLM Testimonials

by Tony Shays July 1, 2013
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As anyone involved in the industry knows, it’s hard to trust online reviews of multi-level marketing companies. There are many biases out there, whether it be current worker trying to build their downline or competitors attempting to deter business.

In an attempt to combat the phony reviews that clutter the internet, we here at the Home Based Business Success Center are in the process of compiling testimonials about any and all MLM companies – and we’re asking for your help!

We would love for you to use the contact form below to submit your feedback – positive or negative – about any network marketing companies in which you, personally, have been involved. …

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Twitter Launches Certified Products Program

by Tony Shays August 30, 2012
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Twitter has launched the Twitter Certified Products Program in an effort to bring innovative products and services to users. There are currently three verticals in the program:

    Engagement Products to help brands keep in touch with their customers
    Analytics Products to help businesses learn from their customers on Twitter
    Data Reseller Products to serve as platforms for innovation on top of large numbers of Tweets

A blog by Twitter’s Seth Bindernagel states that the company identified the areas in which they see demand for innovation “based on needs we see from partners every day.”

The Certified Products Program launched with 12 partners. …

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Google+ Launches Business Features, Free Through 2013

by Tony Shays August 29, 2012
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In its latest attempt to keep Google+ relevant, Google has launched the first set of features designed specifically for businesses. The preview period begins today for Google Apps users.

Additional features and controls will be added over time, with the service being offered for free though 2013. It seems that Google plans to begin charging for these services come 2014, but there is no mention of a cost at the current time. It will likely depend on demand/use.

Here are the business tools offered by Google+ through Google Apps as of today’s announcement:

    Video Hangout On Gmail, Calendar & Docs
    The best thing Google+ has going for it, in my opinion, is the Hangout feature, which allows up to 10 people communicate via video chat. …

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SEO for Startup Businesses in 10 Minutes

by Tony Shays August 21, 2012
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Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, posted the following video on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog. She advises a startup company as if she had only 10 minutes as its SEO consultant.

The lesson is aimed toward beginner to intermediate level webmasters for companies with main content below 50 pages who hope to rank for only a handful of related terms using SEO.

You will learn about SEO related topics such as 301 redirects, verifying ownership, domain background checks, analytics coding, site design strategy, defining your conversion, using keywords, anchor text, page speed, ranking, social media marketing and more – all in under 10 minutes. …

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12 Facebook Don’ts

by Tony Shays August 3, 2012
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Facebook is a wonderful social media tool for staying in touch with others, whether they be friends and family or your business clients and customers. It can also be a way to network, make new friends and attract people to your business. Unfortunately, if not used properly, it can also work against you, repelling those you want to attract most.

The majority of users on Facebook, whether they have a business to promote or not, also use the website for personal reasons. …

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Making Calls

by Tony Shays July 10, 2012
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The number one question that salespeople ask is, “How do I overcome my fear of making calls?” Promoting a product or service on the phone can seem intimidating. To most people, cold calling is downright scary!

It is simply this fear that prevents you from making calls. However, once you overcome this fear, calling can be one of the most fun parts of the business.

Overcoming the Cold Calling Fear

Let’s examine where this fear comes from and how best to address it head-on. …

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