Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Payment Programs Explained

by Tony Shays April 1, 2012

When you are involved in affiliate marketing, you play by the rules set by the company whose product or service you choose to promote. They are in the driver’s seat and call all of the shots, including when, how often and how much you get paid for fulfilling your agreement with them. They also can decide to eliminate the product you loved promoting and add new or additional ones.

You have no more control with the way these companies handle their business than you do with any local brick-and-mortar store that you frequent. …

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Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Company Wisely

by Tony Shays March 26, 2012

Not all companies that offer affiliate marketing programs are the same. Most have good reputations and offer quality products and services, but due to the industry’s popularity, there are a growing number of companies with bogus products or weak services. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with the company to be sure that you are making an informed, wise decision.

The following is a list of some areas to think about before you align yourself with a company and promote its products or services. …

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Affiliate Marketing: Simple, Not Easy

by Tony Shays March 19, 2012

If you were told that you can become extremely wealthy by marketing affiliate websites online, you were told the truth – but slow down before you get hurt.

You may not have been given the whole truth. Yes, it is possible to make an incredible living through affiliate marketing, but relatively few have achieved this feat. I have personally known several people who are consistent six figure earners, but on I also have seen even more people struggle to achieve success. …

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

by Tony Shays February 23, 2012

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than you forming an relationship – or affiliation – with a company to advertise their product or service in exchange for a fee (typically a commission) when someone buys through your promotional efforts. In a sense, you become another marketing arm for the seller at little to no financial risk to them.

Affiliate marketing is the most powerful and cost effective way to promote and sell products and services online. The companies love the arrangement since they only pay a commission when a sale is made. …

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