Get Off to a Fast Start in Your Business

by Tim Sales on April 9, 2012

Fast Start Your Business

Probably before you joined your M.L.M business your day was already “full.” Then you added building a business into that already full schedule. So of course you will feel even more busy and unorganized. The first thing to understand is this is normal to feel this scattered feeling.

An odd thing that I’ve experienced is that I normally will – eventually – raise my productivity level to meet my obligations – no matter what. The reason I emphasize eventually is because in the beginning there is a lot of activity that isn’t focused – therefore there are a lot of unnecessary actions that are wasted. And perhaps there are necessary actions that could become more focused.

A new person has to learn what actions are the most important actions to accomplish before they can ever become efficient. So hopefully the game plan I will give you below will help you see which actions are most important.

Game Plan

1. Goal

The worst confusions and wasted actions come from not being fully decisive about what you want to accomplish and why you want it. Make sure you’ve written it out exactly. Picture a water faucet that is dripping – that symbolizes indecision. It’s not really on and not really off. It’s trying to do both. You can’t be all on until you’ve made that decision.

2. Self Training

No one comes into this industry fully knowing how to do each part of it. There are things they must learn. So spend some time daily learning the right way to build your business. You need to train yourself on your company, your products/services, the M.L.M industry and how to communicate effectively with people.

3. Promotion

No one knows about your business until you tell them. You must promote and make it known. How? Well, any way that communication can be delivered! Newspaper ads, purchased leads, calling people you know, etc.

4. Dial the phone

5. Connect with a prospect

6. Set an appointment

7. Do a presentation

8. Get a customer

9. Get a distributor

10. Train a distributor

What do you train a distributor to do? Start at #1.

These are the necessary actions for you to do and to learn to do very well. Anything not on the above list is probably not going to contribute to growing your business, therefore would be wasted action.

If I were to isolate out the MOST important actions I would pick:

1) Learn to invite your prospect very well. You will waste enormous time and expense until you do. Learn it here.

2) Dial the phone – 30 times a day (if you’re part time).

By listening to the live calls I did in Professional Inviter you will “hear” how the call is supposed to go. But hearing me do it is very different than hearing yourself do it!

So spend a week or less listening to the CD’s and then you start dialing the phone and talking with prospects.

After a week of dialing, go back and listen to Professional Inviter again and you’ll hear things you didn’t hear the first time. Keep doing those two things until you are CERTAIN in your ability to talk to prospects. By then, you’ll be training your new distributors – and that’s what network marketing is all about.

This entire game plan is laid out in a daily to-do list called Pocket Tracker.

Take a piece of paper and write the hours that you are awake in a column down the left side of the page. It would look something like this:


Once completed, go back and create a daily “routine.”
7am – rise, exercise
8am – breakfast, get kids ready for school
9am – leave for work, listen to training tapes
12pm – make 5-10 prospecting calls

4pm – Greet kids home, discuss their day
5pm – make 5-10 prospecting calls
6pm – dinner
7pm – 5-10 prospecting calls
8pm – help kids with homework and getting to bed
9pm – do training calls with downline
10pm – bed

Kids work great on a routine – if you keep your commitment with them. If you say, “I’ll be in to help you with your homework at 8,” be there at 8.

Now, make sure you schedule in weekend activities with the family (going to the beach, camping, board games, etc.). This way you don’t get the feeling that you’re never spending quality time with your family. It’s also why your family will let you work the business during the week.

Keep in the forefront of your mind that you’re investing your time so that you can have a lifetime of income.

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This article was written by Tim Sales. Tim provides professional training for individuals in the home based business industry. He founded Brilliant Compensation and First Class MLM to benefit those in the networking marketing field with instructional tutorials and more. Tim has been in the industry since completing his time in the navy. He had a business that did over $25 million in annual sales across numerous countries by his fifth year of working, and he continues to generate residual income to this day.

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