How to Exponentially Grow a Blog in Less Than 3 Months

by David Wood on March 5, 2012

How To Grow Your Blog

As someone who runs countless blogs, I’m often asked how I promote them. Just about anyone can start a blog, it’s not difficult whatsoever. Yet hardly anyone knows how to promote their stuff and actually drive lots of traffic. As in reality, blogging is simple and so is traffic generation. BUT – hardly anyone knows how to exponentially grow a blog in a SHORT period of time.

Normally growing a successful blog takes at least 6 months to 2 years. That’s the normal time period when using traditional strategies. Publishing posts once or twice a week, using social media and stuff like article marketing. So I decided to break down a very simple strategy anyone can use to exponentially grow a blog in as little as 90 days.

1. Post Daily

There’s a lot to be said about post frequency. If you’d like to grow your blog as quickly as possible, you need to post on a daily basis. Generally the more content you post, the more traffic you’ll get. In the beginning when you’re growing your blog, quantity is key. As a rule you should post 1-3 posts per day.

2. SEO

The next step to exponentially grow a blog is good SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to promote your blog and generate long term traffic. It’s simple to do, very straightforward and the whole process can almost be automated. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it’s essentially optimizing your blog and its content to rank in the search engines for targeted keywords.

The first step to good SEO is targeting keywords in every blog post you publish. As a rule of thumb, you should target a keyword that gets over 300 searches a month. That’s a potential 10 visitors a day which is the bare minimum I go after. The process is simple; you find a keyword, optimize your content for the keyword and finish off by doing some off page optimization.

Off page optimization is just link building. Many blogs seriously lack SEO. The other day I was chatting to someone at a drinks party and she was telling me about her company’s website. She says her main job at the company is to run the website, promote it and make sure it gets lots of traffic.

For the money she’s getting paid, I was surprised to hear the site was only getting 4000 visitors per month. It turns out all that traffic came from social media and only about 300 visitors came from the search engines. The search engines should be your main source of traffic. Use SEO as much as you can. It’s the fastest way to promote your content and start driving long term traffic.

3. Social Media

Social media is powerful, it’s the ultimate way to build a community and rank quickly in the search engines. This year, Google thought it was a good idea to start incorporating social signals into its algorithm. Right now Google uses Facebook likes, Tweets, Retweets and G+1’s to influence search engine rankings. For some unknown reason, backlinks from social sites give you an instant boost in the search engines.

That’s why it’s so essential. To start with you need social sharing buttons on your blog posts. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus buttons are all mandatory. So when people like one of your posts, they can easily share it with their friends on their favorite social networks. Besides social buttons, you need to do some actual promotion.

First, you need a dedicated Twitter account and Facebook fan page. Fan pages are incredibly powerful and can be used to attract thousands of monthly visitors. On top of a Fan page, you need a group. Once you have them all setup, you should automatically syndicate your new posts onto them. So whenever you publish a blog post, it automatically gets shared on your Facebook page, wall, group and Twitter account.

Doing so gives you an initial burst of backlinks and ranking power in the search engines. Using a tool called Hootsuite; you can automatically syndicate your new posts onto your Facebook network, Twitter account/s and many other social networks. Use it!

4. Guest Authors

Now this is the fourth step you can take to exponentially grow your blog. Before you get to this step, you need to promote the crap out of your content. That means some serious SEO and social media; I only scratched the surface in this post. Now let’s face it, posting a high quality blog post every day of the week is a little too time consuming.

Before I accepted guest authors, I struggled to publish 3 posts per week. In order to exponentially grow your blog and generate thousands of daily visitors, you need guest authors. You need to accept/pay for other people to write for your blog. You need to completely outsource your blog’s content. If you’re still going through the growing phase, no one’s going to write for you blog for free.

You’re going to have to spend $5-10 for a decent quality article. Once your blog is successful and has gained a following, others in the niche will happily give you free content in return for a link or two to their website/blog. But until then, you need to pay for content!

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