MLM Is Not Hard

by Tim Sales on April 6, 2012

MLM Is Not Hard

Do you think multi-level marketing is hard? Brilliant Compensation creator Tim Sales doesn’t!

Tim recounts his military background in the Special Forces, working with the DEA and other dangerous jobs, where he diffused bombs… then gives us some perspective.

MLM may not be easy, but this is irrefutable proof that MLM is NOT hard!

Tim Sales' Brilliant Compensation

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This article was written by Tim Sales. Tim provides professional training for individuals in the home based business industry. He founded Brilliant Compensation and First Class MLM to benefit those in the networking marketing field with instructional tutorials and more. Tim has been in the industry since completing his time in the navy. He had a business that did over $25 million in annual sales across numerous countries by his fifth year of working, and he continues to generate residual income to this day.

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