An Introduction to Blogging

by Alex DiVincenzo July 18, 2012
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Although sometimes overlooked in favor of sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs are an important asset for any business. While those other sites are great for sharing sporadic, quick bits of news, a blog can be the one-stop destination for detailed, regularly-updated information about the company.

Blogging is one of the oldest forms of social media. Some people may not include blogs under the social media umbrella, as they predate social networking websites, but it fits the definition of shared, interactive content. …

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How to Exponentially Grow a Blog in Less Than 3 Months

by David Wood March 5, 2012
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As someone who runs countless blogs, I’m often asked how I promote them. Just about anyone can start a blog, it’s not difficult whatsoever. Yet hardly anyone knows how to promote their stuff and actually drive lots of traffic. As in reality, blogging is simple and so is traffic generation. BUT – hardly anyone knows how to exponentially grow a blog in a SHORT period of time.

Normally growing a successful blog takes at least 6 months to 2 years. That’s the normal time period when using traditional strategies. …

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