12 Facebook Don’ts

by Tony Shays August 3, 2012
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Facebook is a wonderful social media tool for staying in touch with others, whether they be friends and family or your business clients and customers. It can also be a way to network, make new friends and attract people to your business. Unfortunately, if not used properly, it can also work against you, repelling those you want to attract most.

The majority of users on Facebook, whether they have a business to promote or not, also use the website for personal reasons. …

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10 Staggering Facebook Statistics

by Alex DiVincenzo April 14, 2012
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Facebook is the second most-visited website on the internet, right behind Google. That alone is an impressive figure, but let’s delve a little deeper into its staggering usage.

Here are some more interesting facts about the social networking giant. These stats come straight from Facebook itself. The numbers are approximate, of course, but they are accurate as of this month.

Facebook Facts

    Facebook has 526 million daily active users.
    Facebook has 901 million monthly active users.
    80% of Facebook’s monthly active users are outside the U.S. …

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Social Media History

by Tony Shays March 13, 2012
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The history of social media begins with a tiny spark in 1971, when the first e-mail was sent. It grew very slowly for decades, but then it started to grow in the mid- to late-90s and has continued to skyrocket in popularity since.

The infographic below, created by Mashable, gives a quick but thorough history of social media through 2008.

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An Introduction to Facebook

by Tony Shays February 24, 2012
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Facebook is a social networking website that was launched in February of 2004. It was originally exclusive to college students, but it quickly spread to the general public. Today, there are over 500 million active users – which means that about one person for every fourteen in the world are on the network. This makes it the largest social network in the world built on the concept of friend-to-friend connections.

Facebook has been used to find long-lost friends, family members, classmates, colleagues, etc. …

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