The Self-Empowered Business Model For Network Marketers

by Ann Sieg on March 12, 2012

Ann Sieg on Network Marketing

This self-empowered business model for network marketers is focused on having a business that is centered around you.

You put the emphasis on developing your own assets (the ones you own and control). This is opposed to a more traditional network marketing model where you are a sales rep, and that is your identity – like a walking billboard.

This “You Inc.” model is definitely a more sophisticated model of business for network marketers. It requires more intent, more focus and a longer term business plan. Therefore, some get frustrated, quit and falsely think “it doesn’t work.”

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Why Network Marketers Should Self-Empower Their MLM Business

The primary reason for you to self-empower your business model is control. In today’s economy having complete control of your business has more value than ever. You become the stable force of your business in the You Inc. model.

You can gain control of your business through the assets of your marketing. Those assets include, but aren’t limited to the following:

- Your own traffic. (Ex: Ads you might place, or when other websites link to yours)
- Your own testimonials that establish credibility.
- Your own content. (Ex: Articles at your blog, email series, informational videos, etc.)
- Your relationship with your customers. (This is determined by how you treat them and the value you bring to their lives. For example, the exact same customer might be worth three times as much in the long run to someone who develops a good relationship with them vs someone who does not have their best interests in mind and just wants to make a quick buck off of them.)
- Your USP. (What makes you different from everyone else?).
- Your blog or website.
- Eventually your own product(s).

The Renegade Network Marketer

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