Twitter Launches Certified Products Program

by Tony Shays on August 30, 2012

Twitter Certified Products

Twitter has launched the Twitter Certified Products Program in an effort to bring innovative products and services to users. There are currently three verticals in the program:

  • Engagement Products to help brands keep in touch with their customers
  • Analytics Products to help businesses learn from their customers on Twitter
  • Data Reseller Products to serve as platforms for innovation on top of large numbers of Tweets

A blog by Twitter’s Seth Bindernagel states that the company identified the areas in which they see demand for innovation “based on needs we see from partners every day.”

The Certified Products Program launched with 12 partners. Each of them fits into at least one of the aforementioned verticals.

  • Attensity provides a real-time view of the conversations that are happening right now on Twitter by identifying the trends developing in those conversations, before they become issues.
  • Crimson Hexagon delivers an accurate view of how engaged online consumers truly think and feel about a brand or issue.
  • Dataminr transforms social media streams into actionable signals for clients in the financial and government sectors, providing one of the earliest warning systems for market-relevant information, noteworthy events and emerging trends.
  • DataSift creates filters through their API to deliver the Tweets you need from Twitter’s Firehose on keywords, location, sentiment, influence and other meta-data attached to each Tweet.
  • ExactTarget allows you to support an unlimited amount of social media conversations. Begin keeping records of customer interactions on Twitter to help reveal consumer preferences, archive past support assistance, and more.
  • Gnip filters for the Tweets you want or gets a sampling of the Twitter Firehose. Pricing depends on data volume and the complexity of filtering your streams.
  • HootSuite allows you to send and schedule Tweets, listen using search, list and keyword tracking streams, as well as monitor Mentions, Direct Messages, Sent Tweets, Favorited Tweets, and more in dedicated streams.
  • Mass Relevance is a social integration platform enabling producers and marketers to aggregate, filter, and integrate real-time social content into virtually any brand or media experience.
  • Radian6 helps your company listen, engage, and measure your outreach across teams and departments.
  • SocialFlow optimizes delivery and evaluates your messages in real time, publishing items at the precise moments when they will maximize clicks, Retweets, mentions and follower growth.
  • Sprinklr helps gauge the interests of an audience, join conversations, create long-term relationships, prioritize responses, facilitate real-time customer support, and mitigate potential crisis.
  • Topsy provides access to all publicly available tweet content over multiple years together with proprietary measurements that quantify the volume and characteristics of communication for any keyword, term or domain of interest.

This seems to be Twitter’s answer to complaints about the recent restrictions placed on its API usage. While it still deters third-party applications, developers can apply to be a part of the Certified Products Program.

The Twitter Certified Products Program is geared toward businesses, and many of the applications are perfect for individuals running businesses from home. They offer a variety of ways to make your social media presence more efficient and easier to handle.

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This article was written by Tony Shays. Tony is the founder of Home Based Business Success Center. He is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated 12 traditional small businesses and has also found success in several different home based multi-level marketing companies. In addition to running the Success Center, he is also a business coach.

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