Web Designer vs. Web Developer vs. Webmaster

by Tony Shays on March 8, 2012

Web Designer vs Web Developer vs Webmaster

What is the difference between a web designer, web developer and webmaster?

There is a distinct difference in the job descriptions and duties of a web designer, a web developer and a webmaster – but the general public gets them increasingly confused. While some designers know just enough to get by on the programming side and some developers may have a creative eye for design, it is important for you to know the true job responsibilities and duties of each.

As the name implies, a web designer designs the web site.

Like the graphic designer, this person should have a creative and artistic background and be strong in visual and graphical skills. A web designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the site, including color, font type and size, graphics, and layout.

On the other hand, a web developer programs the website to perform properly.

They may or may not have experience in design work, but that is not their primary function. The developer’s job is knowing how to write the proper code and how to tie it together with databases, forms and other elements of the website. In other words, the web developer is in charge of the functionality of the website.

Sometimes referred to as a web architect or website administrator, a webmaster maintains the website to ensure that it is up and running.

The webmaster makes certain that the servers, hardware and software are operating correctly while keeping the website up to date. As you can see, very few home based businesses have the need to hire a webmaster.

Now that you know the general responsibilities of a web designer, a web developer and webmaster, you likely have additional questions. What do you do? Who do you choose? Can you afford to hire both? These are tough questions. The good news is that, with the size and scope of a website required for your home based business, you can likely find one person that will do it all. Just be sure to ask all of the right questions, seek out plenty of references, and check out the websites that the applicants have previously created.

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