Coaching & Training

You will receive a great deal of free advice and support on this website – but if you’re interested in personal, one-on-one training designed specifically to match your personality and goals, our coaches are here to assist you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have the most unique, flexible and personalized fee structure in the industry. We want you to succeed, so the fee is based on just that – your success.

If you do not achieve what we both agree is attainable for you after following our steps with sincere effort, you will receive a 100% refund.

When you think of your home based business, don’t let the words coach, mentor, or consultant threaten or intimidate you.

Most every successful person has once had or still has a professional advisor to help him or her achieve greater success. It doesn’t matter what the industry is. Almost every major athlete, actor, singer, financial expert, or business tycoon has benefited by working with a coach, mentor, or consultant.

The myth is: You cannot afford a coach.
The fact is: You cannot afford not to have one.

Having a professional advisor is an investment that always pays itself back. It helps you progress more quickly and add more money to your bottom line.

We have seen so many businesses struggle and go belly-up just because the owners received no outside professional help or they took poor advice from friends and relatives.

Why do we make a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Because our coaching works.

Since our training is individualized, we only take on new clients after interviewing them.

For more details on this opportunity, visit Tony Shays’ Creative Business Strategies website.

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